Conditions of use

With access to this website and its contents, for consultation or other use of its contents as a subscriber or simply as a visitor, you undertake to respect these Conditions without any reserve (in this way entering an agreement between you and the CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA) as well as to respect all current laws.

If you intend to access this website or any part of it, or any other services, CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA may deny or block access. The liability for the use of hardware and software and for payment of phone bills and other fees necessary for access to this website, its services and use of the same is due to the User.

Access to this website or its services may be limited to a maximum number of entries and/or an established length of time. This website or some of its parts may contain information destined only to adults. For access to these contents, the User must be more than 18 years of age (and proving his age). If the User accepts entry to this website, it is under his responsibility to control access and to decide which contents and services are suitable for children.

You hereby guarantee that access to this website is to be only through the interface provided by CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA for this purpose.

User Registration

The User may be required to enter and/or transmit certain data when wishing to subscribe, access services, resources, or some or all contents of the website (as indicated below). One condition for the use of this website, its services and contents is that all information provided for registration must be complete, up to date, and true.

You undertake to communicate immediately to CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA any variation in data regarding registration. Said communication must be made to the postal or email address of CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA indicated for this purpose on this website or within these Conditions.

If CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA considers the data incorrect, obsolete or incomplete, or if CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA considers that, for any reason in its own discretion, such a measure is justified, then CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA may refuse the User’s access to the website and/or any of its resources, services or contents and to revoke or interrupt any client profile already existing.

If access to this website or part of it requires a login, the User undertakes to use the logoff option at the end of the session and therefore to exit his own account if CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA has provided this option of "logoff", "exit" (or similar). CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA reserves the right to "logoff" users whose account, once login has been done, presents no movements for a long period of time.

Password and account data
As a User you are responsible for the secrecy of your password, your account number and any other personal data as well as all activities conducted on your account. Any unauthorised use of your account or other violations of safety are to be communicated immediately to CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA. Your registration and your subscription are limited to your own person and you may not communicate to third parties or make available the name of your account, your ID or your password.

Variations to the website and these conditions

CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA and/or other providers may undertake at any time, with or without prior notice, variations or improvements to the products, the support, the services, the prices and/or other contents of the website (among these, also the Conditions).

CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA may notify variations to these conditions (or other contents of the website) by publishing them on this website or by other means of communication. Users accessing this website after the variations have been published or otherwise communicated are obliged to comply even if the User has not viewed the page on which the variations or the new conditions are published. We therefore recommend checking the site regularly and reading the Conditions.

Use of this website allowed and forbidden

CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA allows the User limited access to this website and its contents and the personal, non-commercial use of the same as a resource of support and communication only for the purposes stated on the site, as long as these respect authors’ rights and protection (where they exist) referred to the contents of the website.

Any other use of the website is forbidden, including use for purposes other than those mentioned above, as well as variations, distribution, transmission and downloading of the website (except for page-caching), re-publication or reverse engineering, without prior written consent by CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA (unless such a prohibition is excluded by current legislation). Neither does authorization for use of the website include authorization for the sale, commercial use or distribution of the contents of the website, the collection and use of any description and price of products, supports and service listing, nor the derivative use of this website or its contents (framing included), downloading or the duplication of customer details to the advantage of other commercial enterprises, all uses of data mining, robots or similar tools for the collection and extraction of data, any use of the contents of the website in another website, server or IT environment on line, or a use of the contents of the website that could suggest a connection with products, support or services of CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA or associates of CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA unless explicitly agreed in writing between the parties.

Users may not use this website or its services in a way that violates these Conditions or any other applicable right or law or that may damage, interrupt or limit this website or its services. Users are not allowed to attempt any unauthorised access to any part of this website or on account of other users or networks or IT systems connected with this website in any way: hacking, password mining or other. Users are not allowed to collect or attempt to collect personal information concerning third parties through this website.

Authors’ rights on the contents of this website

CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA does not transfer any rights on any contents that Users may download and use. The contents of the website, including their selection and arrangement, remain property of CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA or of the associate company of CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA and/or their provider of contents and technologies and are protected by various laws, among which those concerning authors’ rights. Authorization, limited to the use of the contents of the website (for the above mentioned purposes), is explicitly dependent on Users’ acknowledgement, respect and protection of all notes referring to authors’ rights, registered brands or other rights protecting the contents of the website, and also the acknowledgement of all rights, protective and of other kind, or of associated enterprises and/or providers of contents and technologies concerning the intellectual property of the contents of the CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA website. Users do not acquire any right of ownership on email addresses, URL or other personal identification assigned to them or chosen by them for the purpose of accessing the services available on this website. The Users’ limited rights regarding the use of said addresses/identities remain valid only as long as their registration/profile for access to this website or to respective services. Upon termination of the period of validity, whatever the motive, CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA will be free upon their own discretion to use or to assign said address/identity to another user.

Unauthorised use or copying of the contents of the website or a use of the contents contrary to these regulations could lead to the violation of authors’ rights, registered brands or other protective rights as well as civil or penal legal proceedings. Users are forbidden to use any content of the website (or any content made available through this website) in such a way to violate authors’ rights, registered brands or other protective rights. CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA reserves all rights in such a case of unauthorized use or violation of these Conditions.

Registered brands
"CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA" is a registered brand..

Every factory brand, logo, internet address, name of product or model and their derivates describing products, supports or services of CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA or associates of CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA, or containing the words "CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA" and included in the contents of the website (herein after CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA brands) is a registered brand and/or property of CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA or associates of CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA. Every list of CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA brands (or others) published on this website is updated regularly but cannot be considered a complete list of CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA brands (or others).

It is strictly forbidden to use the CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA brands or to modify them (unless explicitly authorized in writing by CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA).

Other product or company names used on this website may be registered brands of their respective owner.

No warranty – site contents and services
All website contents and services are made available “as they are” and “as available”, CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA furthermore excludes – in the broadest sense allowed by law – any warranties and assurance of any kind ("warranties") of explicit type or intended as implicitly agreed on the web contents and services, including guarantees of marketability, satisfactory quality, destination to a precise purpose and non-violation of third parties’ rights to protection of intellectual property.

Transactions with third parties
If, through this website, Users’ are allowed to carry out a transaction with third parties being other than CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA or companies associated with CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA, then these transactions are to be considered transactions stipulated between the User and said third parties (with all connected rights and obligations).

Exclusion of liability in reference to website contents

CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA, companies associated with CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA and all other people participating in the development, the production, hosting or supply of the website contents, are not responsible for damages of any kind, be they direct, indirect, concrete, temporary, consequent or including refunding, as well as those for the loss of data, lack of profit, interruption of activities or resulting loss of time, or for damage of any kind (including damage caused by negligence or other infringement) due to the use of the website contents or the incapability to use the same, not even if CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA or one of their representatives has been informed of the possibility of such damages.

It could be that legal regulations do not allow the exclusion of responsibilities contained in this paragraph in all cases. The exclusion of responsibilities mentioned in this paragraph find their application in the maximum extension allowed by the law.

No definition of these Conditions may be interpreted as exclusion of responsibility of CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA or companies associated with CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA in the case of death or damage to persons caused by negligence on the part of CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA or companies associated with CANTINE DI FRANCIACORTA.

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